Vol 57, No 12 (2014)

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Table of Contents

Natural oscillations providing 90° polarization plane rotation by planar chiral double-slot irises PDF
A. A. Kirilenko, N. G. Kolmakova, Andrey O. Perov, S. A. Prikolotin, V. N. Derkach 521-530
Dual-band devices based on coupled-stripline section with cross-symmetrical loads PDF
Ivan N. Prudyus, Valeriy I. Oborzhytskyy 531-541
Application of stochastic probing radio signals for the range-velocity ambiguity resolution in Doppler weather radars PDF
Anatoliy Andreevich Mogyla 542-552
Modelling and simulation of FinFET circuits with predictive technology models PDF
Ravindra Singh Kushwah, Manorama Chauhan, Pavan Shrivastava, Shyam Akashe 553-558
Integral estimate of spatial distribution of 99mTc-HMPAO in brain of patients with mild cognitive changes PDF
Nikolay A. Nikolov, Yulianna D. Zalisna, Sergiy S. Makeyev, Pavel P. Loshitskiy, Bogdan Yu. Kolomiec, A. O. Usenko 559-565