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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • This submission has not previously been published and has not been sent to other journals for consideration (or the comments for the editor below provide the necessary explanations).
  • The submission file is a document in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, RTF or PDF format.
  • Internet links in the text are accompanied by valid URLs.
  • The text is typed using font Times New Roman 12 pt, single line spacing and margins 2 cm for all sides; authorial accents are highlighted in italics, not underlined (everywhere except URLs); section names are highlighted in bold; all illustrations, graphs and tables are placed directly in the text, where they should be in the table of contents (and not at the end of the document).
  • The text meets the stylistic and bibliographic requirements set out in the About - Submissions.
  • If the material is submitted to a peer-reviewed section of the journal, instructions on Guarantees of blind review were followed when compiling the submission file.

Author Guidelines

Last changes 18 January 2019.

  • Publication in the journal is free of charge.
  • Content of the articles submitted to the editorial should correspond to the Journal’s specialization and scientific-technical level. The manuscript’s volume should not exceed (including images) 4 pages for letter-to-the-editor, 20 pages for overview articles, and 12 pages for original articles in format A4 (Letter), font Times New Roman 12 pt. using single line spacing and margins 2 cm for all sides. The number of figures (including a, b, etc.) should not exceed the number of pages. The manuscript should be thoroughly read and accompanied with a sentence “The work has not been published before”.

The article approved for publishing by the editorial stuff, whose author has provided a copy of journal’s individual subscription bill for the current year, is published with additional priority.

The following documents should be included along with the manuscript:

  • Application in the form “Please consider the possibility of publishing my (our) article <article_title> in the RADIOELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS (in Russian IZVESTIYA VYSSHIKH UCHEBNYKH ZAVEDENII. RADIOELEKTRONIKA) Journal” signed by the authors;
  • Scan of a signed Copyright Transfer Agreement (CTA, Author's Agreement Form), which you can download from Pleiades Publishing web-site. Publisher of the journal is Allerton Press (AP);
  • Authors’ details (first names, last names, middle names, scientific and academic degrees, places of work and positions, mail addresses and e-mails for correspondence, telephone numbers, and iD ORCID);
  • Originals of expert conclusion (for authors from Ukraine only);
  • Keywords to the article;
  • Statements on compliance with ethical standards and standards of research involving humans and animals (conflict of interest, etc.);
  • Acronyms and abbreviations list.

The electronic version of the manuscript and additional files can be send to editorial office in any way: CD, DVD, e-mail, on-line (official web-site).

The first page of the article besides text should contain the article’s index according to universal decimal classification (UDC), title and abstract (not less than 1000 characters). The content of the article should be stated in a brief and clear manner without unnecessary mathematical derivations (in case of need proofs of complex formulas that do not have relevant importance may be provided in Appendix). In the beginning of the article the authors should briefly define the considered problem, describe its urgency and the article’s aim. In the article’s end the authors should describe applied importance of the obtained results.

Images should be provided in the article’s body and in separate files (allowed formats: raster b/w images 300 dpi, vector originals with a copy in WMF format) in two versions (without denotations and with denotations). Width of formulas and tables should not exceed the Journal’s page width.

The electronic version of the article may be sent via e-mail or in-line (off. web-site), but the article is registered only after receipt of the CTA.

In the article’s body, tables and formulas English and Greek should be typed in regular font, while Latin letter should be typed in italic with an exception for operand symbols typed in regular font (for example, Laplace operand 'p', differentiation symbol 'd', imaginary unit 'j' or 'i', natural logarithm bases 'e' and standard functions like 'cos', 'arctan', 'ln', 'lg', 'sign', etc.). Hyphen (-), minus sign (–) and dash (—) have different lengths. Only formulas referenced in the article’s body are numbered.

References should correspond to the statement order of the article and should contain titles (including title of Journal articles) of the literature sources available to the reader. If source has DOI, it must be presented. Please see a copy of the Journal for formatting examples of references and the whole manuscript.

The review of articles is carried out in three rounds. The first round is "Face Control" (FC) - checking the article on formal criteria. It takes up to one month from the date of registration of the article. The second and third rounds is directly peer review by well-known experts from the field corresponding to the subject matter of the article. Time - up to three months for one round. Rounds from above are possible only at the request of reviewers.

The articles sent to the authors for rewriting (after review) should be returned to the editorial office within the three-months’ time. In case of disagreement with reviewer the author should provide a grounded response to the Editorial Board, which makes the final decision. If the revised version is not presented during six months since sending of fixing the manuscript is rejected.

Corrections (after copyedit) should be sent to the editorial office within one month.

The Journal’s editorial staff reserves the right to shorten and edit the articles. The articles’ manuscripts and reprints are not mailed back to the authors.

Privacy Statement

Information about authors, which present journal site's users, will be used solely for the tasks of website for correct indexing of articles in various full-text and abstract databases, connected with the subject of the magazine. This information will not be shared.