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For easy access to the Russian and English versions of a journal all information is divided into two groups: (1) Russian-language information — web-site is devoted to the journal Izvestiya VUZ. Radioelektronika only, (2) English-language information — web-site is devoted to the journal Radioelectronics and Communications Systems only (English version of Russian-language journal). The connection between these sites via switch RU/EN in the upper right corner of these web-sites. When you press the switch there is a transition between Russian and English-language information corresponding to it, and vice versa.

FreePreviewThis site is implemented Free Preview approach. This approach provides easy access to the front page of every article. The first page of any article can be read and download in PDF format without any restrictions. Access to the first page of the article is available through the module LOOK INSIDE!, which appear at the opening of the article and it located in the left column at the top. Simply click on the page's image to read and download.

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DOI (Digital Object Identification)

Since 2006 each paper, published in the journal, has DOI. It is presented as 10.3103/S0735272716070050. You can find DOI on the first paper of the paper after abstract (hard copy) or at the bottom of the web-page (official web-site) or in the section "About this Arcticle" on Springer web-site.


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