Face Control

The points of face control (FC), which used for checking of new manuscripts, submitted into the journal "Radioelectronics and Communications Systems", are presented below.

Version No. 11, 30 March 2018

no. Description Note Condition
1. Text originality (checking on plagiarism) Por, % Por > 70
2. Formal structure of the paper (topicality, brief overview, formulation of the problem, description of solution method, discussion of results, conclusions)   yes/no
3. The same style of paper (use and compliance throughout the paper a single font style for the same type of variables in the text and formulas, etc.)   yes/no
4. Text and graphical material of the paper is made carefully, in compliance with the rules of spelling and punctuation. Paper meticulously proofread   yes/no
5. PDF version of the paper (eliminate misunderstanding of the presented material)   yes/no
6. Number of pages in the original paper (A4, font 12 pt, single space) Np Np ≤ 12
7. Number of characters in the abstract Nabs Nabs ≥ 1000
8. Number of figures (in terms of "a, b, …") vs. pages of paper Nfig Nfig ≤ Np
9. Number of tables vs. pages of paper Nt Nt ≤ Np/4
10. Total number of pages that take figures and tables in the paper Ngr Ngr ≤ Np/3
11. Number of references vs. pages of paper Nref Nref ≥ Np
12. Number of refs on its own publications vs. total number of refs of paper (self-citation) Nself Nself ≤ Nref/5
13. Number of "new" refs (≤ 4 years, current included) vs. total refs number (published only) Nnew Nnew ≥ Nref/3
14. Number of refs on journals' articles and conf. proc. vs. total refs number Nj Nj ≥ 0.6Nref
15. Number of refs with DOI vs. total refs number (based on the data given in the references) Ndoi Ndoi ≥ 0.5Nref
16. Number of refs presented in Scopus and/or WoS vs. total refs number (based on the data given in the references) Ns/w Ns/w ≥ 0.3Nref
17. Number of refs on unreferred journals presented in internet (based on it's web-sites) Nno-ref Nno-ref = 0
18. Paper on development of a device has to contain the results of experiment, if model/method - comparing with another or checking (conditions cleary identified and described in detail, results exactly justified in the text)   yes, pres.; yes, no; no