Vol 32, No 11 (1989)

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Table of Contents

Optimal digital filtering of discrete-continuous processes PDF
V. V. Gorshkov 1-9
Estimation of radio-signal delay for an unknown average value of the modulating noise PDF
Andrey P. Trifonov, A. V. Zakharov 10-13
Peculiarities of gas-discharge current interrupter operation in a high-power modulator PDF
A. I. Koryakovskii, V. I. Krizhanovskii, Anatoly I. Kuzmichev, V. A. Lapshin, A. I. Shendakov 14-18
Optimization of the structural parameters of a pulse transformer having no magnetic system PDF
S. S. Vdovin, S. E. Zirka 19-23
Application of power-spectrum estimation in the Vilenkin-Christenson-Functions (VCF) basis for finding the weighting vector of an M-ary filter PDF
V. V. Sumtsov 24-28
Synthesis of digital detector-meters for mixed Markovian processes PDF
S. Ya. Zhuk 29-35
Method of integral reference curves for the analysis of stochastic systems PDF
Yury G. Bulychev 36-41
Investigating the efficiency of the compensation method for improving the electromagnetic compatibility of multichannel FM radiocommunication systems PDF
I. V. Terent’ev 42-46

Brief Communications

Utilization of function generators to extract the maximum useful information from a signal PDF
E. V. Kirievskii, A. A. Mikhailov 47-50
Analysis of distortions of a quasi-harmonic signal which are created by the phase asymmetry of its components PDF
V. V. Vasyukov, K. K. Nikitin 51-52
Efficiency of two algorithms for the classification of arbitrarily shaped pulse signals PDF
Yu. A. Nifontov, A. V. Potemkin, S. Yu. Sokolov 53-56
Statistical characteristics of a noncoherent digital discriminator for the delay of a phase-keyed noise-like signal PDF
V. A. Barkhota, V. V. Gorshkov 57-60
Signal optimization in the presence of passive interference PDF
S. N. Kirillov, A. V. Tuzkov 61-63
Coherent reconstruction of carriers in discrete-signal receivers having phase-frequency modulation PDF
M. A. Ivanov, I. I. Svatovskii, I. A. Yakovlev 64-66
Filtering a periodic envelope of a radio signal PDF
V. B. Kitaev, E. I. Sergeev, I. R. Shainyak 67-69
Analyzing the effect of nonlinearity on the efficiency of adaptive antenna arrays PDF
V. V. Popovskii, L. A. Marchuk 70-72
Measurement of the efficiency and scattering factor of reflector millimeter-wave antennas according to radiothermal emission PDF
G. A. Andreev, S. G. Agratin, L. V. Zaentsev 73-76
External parameters of a coupling between partially filled and hollow waveguides PDF
V. N. Pochernyaev, L. V. Skrypnik 77-79
Filters based on thin inductive irises in a circular waveguide PDF
P. Ya. Stepanenko 80-81
Equivalent circuit of a waveguide-coaxial joint of the turnstile type PDF
V. M. Butorin 82-84
Method of formulating attributes on the basis of a structural model of the signal PDF
V. G. Kogan, V. V. Kolobaev, V. M. Nen’kin, A. F. Ol’khovoi 85-87
Selection of the parasitic parameters of step-up pulse transformers PDF
V. V. Larin, M. M. Shtein 88-90
Stability of the stationary mode of a self-excited oscillator with a stabilizing resonator and automatic frequency control and power control systems PDF
S. P. Morozov, A. V. Khryunov 91-93
Mathematical expectation and correlation function of the process at the output of a sum-difference direction finder having instantaneous automatic gain control PDF
K. D. Fedotov, V. M. Chilikin 94-97
Microwave attenuator having smooth attenuation control PDF
K. V. Golovinskii, D. V. Karaulov, Yu. A. Talyzin, E. V. Kharitonov 98-100
The inverse problem for an anisotropic impedance cylinder PDF
Yu. V. Yukhanov, A. V. Klimov 101-103
Application of nonlinear spectra-analysis methods for the resolution and estimation of the angular coordinates of targets PDF
A. I. Demchenko, V. S. Speranskii, Yu. N. Khokhlov 104-106
New method for broadening the passband of masers PDF
I. I. Eru, V. V. Myshenko, S. A. Peskovatskii 107-109
Acoustoelectric conversion in semiconductor devices PDF
I. Ya. Kucherov, O. V. Lyashenko, V. M. Perga 110-111
Broadband delay lines for acoustic surface waves PDF
N. I. Burimov, L. Ya. Serebrennikov, V. S. Shelukhin 112-113