Vol 63, No 8 (2020)

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Table of Contents

Optimized estimation of scattered radiation for X-ray image improvement: Realistic simulation PDF
Anton Y. Danyk, Oleksandr O. Sudakov 387-397
Identification of energy-hidden chirp signals of telecommunication systems in conditions of parametric uncertainty PDF
Andrii B. Steiskal, Sergii O. Kovtun, Oleksandr A. Iliashov, Vitalii V. Voitko 398-404
Time-varying channel equalization in underwater acoustic OFDM communication system PDF
Anfu Zhu 405-417
Two-stage method for joint estimation of information symbols and channel frequency response in OFDM communication systems PDF
Oleksandr Yu. Myronchuk, Oleksandr O. Shpylka, Serhii Ya. Zhuk 418-429
Analysis of estimation error of skewness and kurtosis of Bunimovich-Rice processes with exponentially power waveform of pulses PDF
Aleksandr I. Krasil'nikov, Viktor S. Beregun 430-440
Research of pulse signals mutual influence in polysphygmography of radiary arteries PDF
Ye. V. Storchun, Ye. I. Yakovenko, V. V. Boronoev 441-447