Vol 62, No 3 (2019)

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Table of Contents

Constructive synthesis methods of binary error correcting code of length 32 for MC-CDMA technology PDF
Michael I. Mazurkov, Artem V. Sokolov 97-108
Algorithm for transforming antenna electromagnetic near-field measured on spherical surface into far-field based on direct calculation of Stratton and Chu formulas PDF
Nikolay V. Anyutin, Kirill I. Kurbatov, Ivan M. Malay, Mihail A. Ozerov 109-118
Planar UWB antenna with double band rejection capability using double inclined ESRRs PDF
Ghidaa T. Ahmed, Ahmed S. ElKorany, Demyana A. Saleeb 119-126
EHF band linear antenna array based on surface wave transformation PDF
A. V. Hnatovskyi, S. A. Provalov, Grigoriy I. Khlopov 127-133
Ultra-low power high-input impedance subthreshold CMOS neural front-end amplifier PDF
Sadeque Reza Khan, Iram Nadeem 134-141