Vol 62, No 1 (2019)

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Table of Contents

Distributed clutter-map constant false alarm rate detection using fuzzy fusion rules PDF
Houssam Eddine Bouchelaghem, M'hamed Hamadouche, Faouzi Soltani, Kamel Baddari 1-5
Efficiency estimation of discrete algorithms for adaptation of weight coefficients in space-time processing of radar signals PDF
Dmytro M. Piza, Dmytro S. Semenov, Sergii V. Morshchavka 6-11
Remote identification of liquids in a dielectric container using millimeter waves. 3. Angular scanning PDF
A. V. Pavlyuchenko, Pavel P. Loshitskiy, A. I. Shelengovskiy, V. V. Babenko 12-22
Fingers movements control system based on artificial neural network model PDF
Kostiantyn Vonsevych, Márcio Fagundes Goethel, Jerzy Mrozowski, Jan Awrejcewicz, Mikhail Bezuglyi 23-33
Parametric spectral analysis of noisy signals with unimodal spectrum PDF
Vladimir G. Andrejev, Ngoc L. Tran, Tien P. Nguyen 34-41
Clutter parameter estimation based on indirect algorithms PDF
Dmitriy I. Popov 42-50