Vol 60, No 6 (2017)

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Table of Contents

Multistage adaptive compensation of active noise interferences using block orthogonalization of signals of compensation channels PDF
S. Ya. Zhuk, K. M. Semibalamut, Sergii N. Litvintsev 243-257
On miniaturization of efficient ultra-wideband printed quazi-Yagi antenna array for indoor applications PDF
Ali Houssein Harmouch, Wissam Mahmoud Harmouch, Ahmad El Sayed Ahmad, Mohamad Taan Kenaan, Jean-Marie Floc'h 258-262
Comparative analysis of distributed power control algorithms in CDMA PDF
Mohanad F. Abdulhamid 263-271
On mechanism of radiative sensitivity of power diode direct voltage drop PDF
Abdulaziz V. Karimov, Akhmad Z. Rakhmatov, Stanislav P. Skorniakov, Dilbara M. Yodgorova, Abduvaxob A. Karimov, Shukurullo M. Kuliev 272-274
Application of the maximum principle for the circuits optimization PDF
A. M. Zemliak 275-283