Vol 57, No 6 (2014)

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Table of Contents

Signal processing correction in spectral analysis using the surrogate autocovariance observation functions obtained by the ATS-algorithm PDF
Pavlo Yu. Kostenko, Volodymyr I. Vasylyshyn 235-243
Calculation of scattering characteristics of aerial radar objects of resonant sizes based on iterative algorithm PDF
Gennady S. Zalevsky, Oleg I. Sukharevsky 244-253
Eigenwaves of periodic rectangular waveguide with dielectric-filled dips on broad wall PDF
Viktor I. Naidenko, D. S. Shumakov 254-261
Sequential detection of target trajectory using the decision statistics of pips PDF
Oleksandr S. Neuimin, S. Ya. Zhuk 262-273
Non-linear S-box of Nyberg construction with maximal avalanche effect PDF
Michael I. Mazurkov, Artem V. Sokolov 274-281
Comparative study of 24 kb/s ADPCM algorithms PDF
Muhanned AL-Rawi, Muaayed AL-Rawi 282-285