Vol 52, No 3 (2009)

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Table of Contents

A technique for the current control of availability of navigation definitions of GPS/GLONASS users based on data of the wide area differential system PDF
V. V. Demyanov 113-121
Estimation of the spatial correlation function and angular spectrum by using a multiantenna system PDF
Yu. N. Parshin, A. V. Ksendzov 122-131
Interpolation of random processes using Winner-Hopf filtration PDF
V. A. Golovkov 132-136
Use of discrete mapping derived from difference scheme of McKay-Glass differential equation for stealth transmission in binary message PDF
Pavlo Yu. Kostenko, A. N. Barsukov 137-141
Synthesis and analysis of algorithms for multi-alternative detection of UWB signals in channels with combined multipath propagation PDF
Yu. S. Radchenko, A. A. Zaitsev 142-149
Calculation of self-tuning process of frequency filters in MathCAD system PDF
V. F. Tunik 150-153
Propagation of centimeter and millimeter spin-dipolar waves in nonuniform magnetic fields PDF
Volodymyr V. Grimalsky, Svetlana V. Koshevaya, O. V. Kolokoltsev 154-159
Modification of Au-Ti(W, Cr, TiBx)-GaAs contacts properties caused by external influences PDF
A. B. Kamalov 160-164
Magnetic frequency tuning of the microwave Gunn diode oscillator PDF
Sergey S. Gorbatov, A. A. Semenov, Dmitry A. Usanov, A. N. Sorokin, Vladimir Yu. Kvasko 165-166