Vol 48, No 4 (2005)

Military Radioelectronic Technologies

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Special issue

Table of Contents

Maximum attainable accuracy of ultra-wideband estimation of range and velocity at sounding by discontinuous pulses PDF
Andrey P. Trifonov, Marina B. Bespalova 1-8
Efficient determination of phase-keyed signal codes in an acoustooptical demodulator in the presence of external and intrinsic interference PDF
G. S. Nakhmanson, P. L. Man’kov 9-14
Experimental determination of accuracy of automatic tracking of low targets by a radar coordinator with monoconical method of direction finding PDF
V. V. Antonets, V. Yu. Tymchuk 15-22
Measurement of route and range of an air radiating object by a mobile passive radio direction finder PDF
V. A. Shovgun 23-27
Game-theoretic estimation of cipher inaccessibility in information transmission systems PDF
V. K. Marigodov, Yu. V. Matveev 28-33
A method for estimating the power spectral density of an information signal for evaluation of formant intelligibility of speech under lumped interference conditions PDF
S. I. Babusenko, Yu. A. Bondartsov 34-39
The peculiarities of decision-making in the information protection tasks PDF
A. A. Bolkunov, A. V. Shlyakhin 40-43
Estimation of signal-to-interference ratio at the output of a radio channel with electronic frequency change in the presence of additive-modulating interference PDF
V. I. Vladimirov, N. N. Panasenko 44-49
Nonuniform Markovian models of reliability of complex radioelectronic systems PDF
P. B. Abramov 50-53
A method for determination of coordinates of a coherent radiation source by scattered radiation PDF
A. Yu. Koziratskii 54-56