Vol 46, No 1 (2003)

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Table of Contents

Analysis of geometry of boungary-value problems in the generalized method of partial domains PDF
A. A. Kirilenko, D. Yu. Kulik 1-4
The correspondence between two-dimensional Fourier and Hartley transforms PDF
V. L. Seletkov 5-10
Establishment of steady-state oscillation conditions of frequency-stabilized microwave self-oscillators in semiconductor diodes PDF
L. V. Kasatkin 11-16
The impact of energy and delay angle of injected carriers on energy conversion efficiency in a Gunn diode with an intricate cathode PDF
V. I. Kanevskii, Ik-Wan Che, V. Ye. Chaika 17-22
Improvement of the reliability of image recognition with the use of a wavelet transform PDF
V. Ya. Plyokin, A. P. Orlov 23-29
Correction of characteristics of receiving channels in a digital antenna array by a test source in the near zone PDF
Vadym I. Slyusar 30-35
Parameter identification of the electric model of a resonant-tunnel diode with the aid of EC-RTS-NANODEV program complex PDF
I. I. Abramov, A. V. Korolyov, I. A. Goncharenko 36-39
Synthesis of Bayes algorithms for multialternative recognition of patterns set by sophisticated standard descriptions PDF
G. V. Pevtsov 40-43
Synthesis of filters for multichannel Doppler processing of signals PDF
V. I. Koshelev, V. N. Gorkin 44-47
The robust algorithms for optimization of nonrecursive filter coefficients by the combined criterion of minimum mean-square error PDF
S. N. Kirillov, S. M. Shubin 48-50
Investigation of digital systems of phase locking with a delay in the control circuit PDF
B. V. Sultanov 51-55