Vol 60, No 7 (2017)

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Table of Contents

Review Articles

Concepts of the physical level of the fifth generation communications systems PDF
D. A. Pokamestov, Y. V. Kryukov, E. V. Rogozhnikov, R. R. Abenov, A. Y. Demidov 285-296
Performance of nonlinear detectors in spatial multiplexing for spatially correlated channels PDF
Dharmendra V. Chauhan, Jaymin K. Bhalani 297-302
Noise emissions sources direction-finding in the process of their background air threats detection in radars with phased antenna array PDF
Dmytro V. Atamanskiy 303-311
Evaporation-condensation cooling systems for electronic equipment PDF
A. N. Gershuni, A. P. Nishchik 312-318
Simulation of energetic efficiency of triode high voltage glow discharge electron sources with account of temperature of electrons and its mobility in anode plasma PDF
Igor V. Melnyk 319-329