Vol 58, No 6 (2015)

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Table of Contents

Entropy approach to the investigation of information capabilities of adaptive radio engineering system in conditions of intrasystem uncertainty PDF
Valeriy V. Skachkov, Victor V. Chepkyi, Hennadii D. Bratchenko, A. N. Efymchykov 241-249
Dynamics of temperature-frequency processes in multifrequency crystal oscillators with digital compensations of resonator performance instability PDF
A. A. Taranchuk, S. K. Pidchenko, R. P. Khoptinskiy 250-257
Selection of modulation type in acousto-optic delay line with direct detection PDF
A. R. Gasanov, R. A. Gasanov 258-268
Diplexer on cylindrical waveguide with anisotropic crystal PDF
Alexander V. Strizhachenko 269-273
Estimation of parameter variation of wideband signals and their fields in media with attenuation PDF
Iuliia V. Baksheeva 274-283
Coupling coefficient of quarter-wave resonators as a function of parameters of comb stripline filters PDF
Alexander V. Zakharov, Mykhailo Ye. Ilchenko, Ludmila S. Pinchuk 284-289