Vol 55, No 10 (2012)

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Table of Contents

Statistical synthesis and analysis of mutual brightness temperature and bearing estimation algorithms for a point source of noise radio-thermal radiation PDF
Valeriy K. Volosyuk, Vladimir V. Pavlikov 433-442
Estimation of spatial weight vector fixation interval for sequential space-time signal processing against the background of combined interferences PDF
Viacheslav P. Riabukha, Dmytro S. Rachkov, Andrii V. Semeniaka, Yevhen A. Katiushyn 443-451
Method of calculating the detection zone boundaries of the Rayleigh Wi-Fi wireless channel with quasi-static fading PDF
A. A. Strelnitskiy, V. M. Shokalo, E. V. Yagudina, Mohammad Kadhim Abdul-Hussein 452-457
Polarizers on a segment of square waveguide with diagonal ridges and adjustment iris PDF
L. A. Rud, K. S. Shpachenko 458-463
Algorithm for multiplying two octonions PDF
Aleksandr Cariow, Galina Cariowa 464-473