Vol 52, No 1 (2009)

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Table of Contents

Limiting ratios between symbol rate and minimal carrier frequency in ultra-wideband digital information transmission systems PDF
Fedor F. Dubrovka, V. A. Tretiakov 1-6
Natural oscillations of radially three-layered dielectric resonators PDF
Yu. V. Prokopenko, O. A. Suvorova, Yu. F. Filippov, I. A. Shipilova 7-15
Investigation of methods used in calculations of solar cell parameters PDF
E. Ya. Shvets, S. L. Khrypko, E. I. Zubko 16-23
Estimation of discrete-continuous processes under conditions of polymodality of the a posteriori probability density PDF
Yury G. Bulychev, L. I. Borodin, V. A. Golovskoy 24-31
A structure of time minimal strategy of analog circuits optimization PDF
A. M. Zemliak 32-37
A criterion of minimum of estimation error probability in a problem of nonlinear parametric identification PDF
P. A. Kucherenko 38-44
Spectrum of constrained electronic states in heterostructures formed with superconductor and ferromagnetic metals PDF
V. Boylo, M. A. Belogolovskiy, T. A. Hachaturova, S. Yu. Larkin, V. Ye. Shaternik 45-49
Wideband waveguide loading impedance matching on the basis of photonic crystals with nanometer metal layers PDF
Dmitry A. Usanov, A. V. Skripal, A. V. Abramov, A. S. Bogolubov, V. S. Skvortsov, M. K. Merdanov 50-54