Vol 50, No 11 (2007)

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Table of Contents

Effectiveness of detecting image of an object moving with undefined velocity vector PDF
Andrey P. Trifonov, R. V. Kutsov 585-592
Technology of synchronous detection of signals PDF
Aleksandr B. Kokhanov 593-602
Analysis of dynamic characteristics of process of designing analogue circuits PDF
A. M. Zemliak 603-608
Invariants of one-to-one functional transformation of random processes PDF
Andrey A. Popov 609-615
Output performance of a slot in a waveguide with dielectric insert of finite length PDF
L. P. Yatsuk, S. L. Berdnik, Victor A. Katrich 616-624
Optimal algorithm of panoramic sewing of images in the presence of inaccuracies of mutual positioning PDF
A. M. Machnyev, S. Ya. Zhuk 625-628
Estimation of correct recognition probability by Bayes’ equation in case of not precisely known distribution density PDF
I. V. Ostroumov, A. G. Kukush, V. P. Kharchenko 629-636
Technique of enhancing the noise immunity of broadband communications systems PDF
V. K. Marigodov 637-640
Microwave multidiode integral oscillator modules with a controlled range of varactor frequency tuning PDF
S. F. Kashtanov, Valerii P. Gololobov 641-643
On refining the name of one type of horn antennas PDF
A. A. Savochkin, Yu. P. Mickhayluck 644-645