Vol 49, No 11 (2006)

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Table of Contents

Structural synthesis of parametric transducers of the vector ratio of two microwave signals PDF
Yu. B. Gimpilevich, Yu. Ya. Smailov, Z. I. Alimov 1-5
Digitization—reconstruction of binary Markovian process PDF
V. A. Kazakov, Yu. A. Goritskiy 6-10
Multifrequency microwave sounding of nonlinear objects PDF
Volodymyr V. Grimalsky 11-15
Amplitude and phase fluctuations of the PAFC loop with single-band amplitude modulator and shift generator PDF
Bak Son Ri 16-22
Parametric modeling of periodically correlated random processes by their representation through stationary random processes PDF
Ihor N. Yavorskyj, I. B. Kravets, I. Yu. Isayev 23-29
Class-E microwave oscillator PDF
Vladimir G. Krizhanovski, V. A. Printsovskii 30-35
Calculation of correlation function of stochastic process with relatively rather wide and fluctuating energy spectrum PDF
V. P. Dolgushin, O. N. Khomyakov, O. V. Miroshnichenko 36-38
Analysis of linear systems in field of transforms and intrinsic frequencies of RTF transformation PDF
A. I. Rybin, A. P. Tkachuk 39-44
Optimal digital algorithms of coordinates definition of the reflection statistical center of length object PDF
E. P. Msallam, V. V. Pechenin 45-50
Information transmission system with game-theoretic algorithm of signal processing in the reception channel PDF
V. K. Marigodov, Yu. V. Matveev 51-56