Vol 49, No 2 (2006)

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Table of Contents

The Hilbert transform in signal processing systems PDF
V. L. Seletkov 1-6
Excitation of "whispering gallery" oscillations in a half-disk dielectric resonator by a coupling slot in the mirror PDF
Alexander E. Kogut, O. A. Matyash 7-10
Possible variants of two-cycle discrete-analog representation of information PDF
A. V. Bushma, G. A. Sukatch 11-17
Resonances in the "post with gap—adjacent piston" waveguide system PDF
Dmitry A. Usanov, Sergey S. Gorbatov 18-22
Microwave devices with active resonators for diagnostics of dielectrics PDF
V. V. Safonov 23-28
Calculation and allocation of tolerances by the method of tangents PDF
Galina N. Shilo, A. Yu. Voropai, Mykola P. Gaponenko 29-36
A method for signal reconstruction with the use of normalized spectrum PDF
A. V. Totskii, Pavlo Yu. Kostenko, I. V. Kurbatov, Ya. T. Astola, K. O. Yegiazaryan 37-42
Investigation of a detector of digital amplitude-modulated signals PDF
Yu. A. Bryukhanov 43-46
A waveguide Bragg structure for the millimeter range of wavelengths PDF
V. V. Oleinik, D. G. Makarov, V. V. Danilov 47-50
Frequency responses of "metal—semiconductor" Schottky-barrier junctions PDF
A. K. Mamedov 51-54
An injection-type field-emission photodiode PDF
Abdulaziz V. Karimov, Dilbara M. Yodgorova 55-58