Vol 48, No 9 (2005)

Military Radioelectronic Technologies

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Special issue

Table of Contents

The millimeter-range systems of radio vision. Part 1 — principles of design PDF
A. N. Zubkov 1-9
Ultra-wideband estimation of speed of a fluctuating target when sounding by disconnected pulses PDF
Andrey P. Trifonov, Marina B. Bespalova 10-16
The conditions favorable to search of dynamic objects by a multi-positional information system PDF
A. A. Strotsev, I. L. Ivashchenko 17-21
Analysis and optimization of multifrequency signal processing systems PDF
Dmitriy I. Popov, V. V. Kir’yanov 22-27
Simulation of a small-size ultra-wideband antenna in the shape of biconical vibrator with ring grooves PDF
V. B. Avdeyev, A. V. Ashikhmin, A. V. Berdyshev, S. V. Korochin, V. M. Nekrylov, Yu. G. Pasternak 28-31
A stable solution to the ill-defined problem of identification of a stochastic dynamic system PDF
I. V. Shcherban' 32-37
The dynamic and energy characteristics of spontaneous radiation of the transmitting channel in CO2-laser PDF
A. Yu. Koziratskii 38-41
A direct digital synthesizer of frequency with phase quantization in the system of residual classes PDF
A. A. Bazhenov, L. A. Ovcharenko 42-46
Estimation of coordinates of a radio radiation source at direction finding in the process of motion based on dynamic neural networks PDF
Alexander A. Sirota, E. A. Kirsanov 47-52
A method for decreasing side lobe levels at compression of phase-keyed signals in radio-engineering aids PDF
V. I. Sineok, O. N. Khomyakov, O. V. Miroshnichenko 53-58