Vol 47, No 3 (2004)

Military Radioelectronic Technologies

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Special issue. Contents No. 3, 2004, Vol. 47 download (pdf, 37 kb)

Table of Contents

Measures against deliberate jamming PDF
V. M. Shlyakhin, Yu. V. Yakovlev 1-7
Reduction of radar image redundancy based on Kalman filtering PDF
B. V. Lezhankin, S. F. Galiev 8-13
Improvement of accuracy and stability of operation of a tracking direction finder based on biased estimation methods PDF
A. P. Alyoshkin 14-15
The impact of the supporting structure on the antenna array parameters PDF
M. Yu. Zvezdina 16-19
An optical analog-to-digital converter of interferometric type PDF
A. G. Prygunov, S. A. Chornykh, A. Yu. Tsvetkov 20-22
A distributed type adaptive matching device for decameter range antennas PDF
V. V. Polevoy, I. Yu. Khlopushin 23-24
Importance of the “secondary breakdown energy” parameter in high–power switching transistors PDF
N. G. Vorobyov 25-28
Diffraction of electromagnetic waves on a shutter resistive periodic structure with multilayer periodic inclusions PDF
Ye. L. Kapylov, V. M. Shkil’ 29-31
The use of empirical optimization methods in navigational problems under scarce measurement data conditions PDF
T. O. Myslivtsev 32-35
A method of identification of radioelectronic equipment failures for diagnostic systems with elements of artificial intelligence PDF
A. A. Klemin, S. V. Ignatiev, A. V. Chernyak 36-39
A recursive adaptive algorithm of multidimensional nonlinear filtering — bi-independent transform of signals PDF
A. A. Shatalov 40-45
A text-independent system of user voice identification (authentification) PDF
L. K. Babenko, O. B. Makarevitch, V. M. Fyodorov, P. Yu. Yurkov 46-48
Experimental investigation of propagation of radio waves of VHF and microwave range inside buildings PDF
V. B. Avdeyev, D. V. Avdeyeva, A. N. Katrusha, G. V. Makarov 49-53
Characteristics of a dielectric antenna for the millimeter range of wavelengths PDF
A. P. Krut’ko, V. A. Obolonskii, B. M. Shevchuk 54-56