Vol 46, No 2 (2003)

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Table of Contents

Analysis of designs of solid-state coherent high-power transmitters in Ka-range PDF
N. F. Karushkin, L. V. Kasatkin, V. A. Khitrovskii 1-4
Information redundancy of data visualization forms as a means to improve reliability of electronic equipment PDF
A. V. Bushma 5-10
The impact of the second mode on efficiency of energy conversion in a Gunn diode with intricate cathode PDF
V. I. Kanevskii, Ik-Wan Che, V. Ye. Chaika 11-15
Comparative efficiency of pyroelectric materials PDF
S. A. Muravov, N. A. Gordiiko, S. A. Voronov, L. P. Pereverzeva, Yuriy M. Poplavko 16-22
Calculation of amplitude response of an amplifier stage operating under collector current cutoff conditions PDF
A. A. Titov 23-26
Reduction of the side and rear radiation level of antennas by using impedance structures PDF
D. D. Gabriel'yan, M. Yu. Zvezdina, P. I. Kostenko 27-30
A six-port analyzer of microwave networks based on Fourier discrete transform of the tapped signals, and methods of its calibration PDF
Yu. B. Gimpilevich, R. S. Bandyshev 31-35
Electrically long waveguide-slot antennas with optimal radiation and directivity characteristics PDF
Victor A. Katrich, V. A. Lyashchenko, S. L. Berdnik 36-42
Algorithms for combined processing of stochastic signals in miltichannel scatter-measuring systems with synthesis of aperture PDF
Valeriy K. Volosyuk 43-48
A device for stabilization of false alarm probability using a linear combination of order statistics PDF
Felix M. Andreev, A. N. Kurbet, R. E. Pashchenko 49-52
Optimization of coefficients of autoregression filters for processing and simulation of finite-duration signals PDF
Vladimir G. Andrejev, A. V. Voskresenskii 53-56