Single sideband Hartley amplitude modulation


  • Aleksandr B. Kokhanov Odessa National Polytechnic University
  • S. V. Yemelianov Odessa National Polytechnic University
  • Ya. V. Derevyagin Odessa National Polytechnic University



single band amplitude modulation, SSB, single band Hartley amplitude modulation, SSHB, digital communication, modulator, demodulator


It is developed a method of information transmission with application of amplitude Single Sideband Hartley modulation (SSBH) allowing to increase of radio channel length for optical and fiber optic signal transmission systems where single sideband amplitude modulation (SSB) is used. Increase of communication range is provided due to application a sum of two orthogonal oscillations of the same frequency as a carrier (Hartley wave). It provides energy gain in 6 dB and 1.41 times increase of the amplitude of output signal of synchronous detector comparing to SSB in case of the same radiation power of transmitter and the same sensitivities of SSBH and SSB signals receivers. Application of SSBH and SSB modulation allows to provide the energy gain in transmitting channel approximately 15–20 times comparing to amplitude modulation (AM) application. It also provides increased security of SSBH transmission since in case of absence of modulation signal the transmitter does not radiate, that allows to provide energy saving in case of transmitter power supply with battery. Depending on the need we can use both upper and lower side bands.


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