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Dependence of component of magnetic field intensity in a center of ferrite cylinder on its radius

Effect of ferrimagnetic resonance on conversion of electromagnetic standing wave energy into mechanical energy

Leonid G. Martynenko, Ganna L. Komarova


In this paper by means of physical modeling method we obtain the algorithms for calculation of magnetic permittivity in ferrite in case of arbitrary values of magnetic intensity of electromagnetic wave and force of standing electromagnetic wave impact on ferrite cylinder of arbitrary diameter which is placed into constant magnetic field. A value of constant magnetic field intensity provides appearance of ferrimagnetic resonance. It is researched a dependence of a force dependently on distance between metallic shield and ferrite cylinder for ferrimegnetic and spatial resonances. Standing wave forming in a free space with power flow density of 622 kW/m2 and wavelength of 3.2 cm reflects from metallic shield placed at a distance of λ0/8 + nλ0/2, n = 0, 1, 2, … measured from the center of ferrite cylinder and it impacts with force of 10.6 N on ferrite cylinder with a length of 0.64 m with resonance radius of 2.808 mm. Application of spatial resonance and standing electromagnetic wave allows to increase of energy conversion factor of microwave energy conversion into mechanic one 58 times in compare to application of ferrimagnetic resonance only in known papers.


electromagnetic energy; ferromagnetic resonance; conversion; mechanic energy

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