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Circuit of moving fastener system

Influence of ferrimagnetic resonance on conversion of electromagnetic energy into mechanical one

Leonid G. Martynenko, Ganna L. Komarova, Victoria V. Malichenko


In this paper it is obtained in zero approximation the algorithm of calculation of the force of electromagnetic wave propagation in rectangular waveguide applied to the ferrite sphere, placed into constant magnetic field by the method of physical modeling. It is researched the dependence of the force on a value of magnetic field intensity near ferromagnetic resonance. Theoretical results of the calculations were compared with experimental ones. At the resonance electromagnetic field with the power of 10 W and the wave length of 3.2 cm influences on ferrite sphere with diameter of 3.55 mm with a force of 6 ± 0.5 mN. This force in enough for rotation of the suspension system of the reference ponderomotive wattmeter, fixed attached by means of braces or kerns. It allows to develop high-precision microwave wattmeters with enough mechanic strength for industrial application.


electromagnetic energy; ferrimagnets; resonance; transformation; ponderomotive wattmeter

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