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Digital movies tracking using scene-based watermarking system

Dolley Shukla, Manisha Sharma


Digital watermarking can be used to prevent the illegal piracy of copyrighted digital video content. However to be successful as one of the application in the digital cinema, it must be imperceptibly embedded, reliably retrieved, secure against illicit removal. This paper proposes a novel watermarking technique for digital motion content in light of scene change detection using the discrete wavelet transform (DWT). To reduce the computational time, a watermark has been embedded in scene-changed frame. The scene-changed frames are detected by successive estimation of statistical measure technique, where the correlation is utilized as a measure. The performance of the proposed system has been analyzed using the mean square error, normalized correlation, bit error rate, and the similarity index. Empirical results reveal that the proposed method is greatly improved in comparison with the customary techniques in terms of the imperceptibility, recovery after the show capture with camcorder, speed and robustness under various attacks, such as the noise addition, Gaussian low pass filtering, geometrical shift, sharpening, and video attacks in the application of digital cinema. Since an illegal copy of the movie obtained by camcorder affects the geometrical features, in particular, the system has been tested and found to be resilient against geometrical attacks under various conditions.


watermarking; video; piracy; copy protection

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