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Original watermark image [Robustness]

Robust scene-based digital video watermarking scheme using level-3 DWT: Approach, evaluation, and experimentation

Dolley Shukla, Manisha Sharma


This paper presents a robust digital video-watermarking system for copyright and copy protection. The proposed method applies the combination of discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and scene-change-detector. For better understanding, this approach can be presented in the form of four stages. The first stage is finding the frame where the watermark is to be inserted. The analysis of watermarking using the level-3 decomposition of LL subband with DWT is described in the second stage. Transparency and the robustness have been analyzed under fifteen different attacks in the third stage. Improvement in the robustness and transparency, as compare to watermarking using different levels of LL subband is calculated in terms of the normalized correlation and the structural similarity index in the fourth stage. The experimental result reveal that the proposed method yields the extracted watermark image and watermarked video of good quality and can sustain different image processing, JPEG compression and geometrical attacks. Empirical results prove the improvement in the performance as the decomposition level increases from level-1 to level-3. Comparative analysis with the existing schemes proves the improved robustness, better imperceptibility and the reduced computational time of the proposed scheme.


DWT; video watermarking; successive estimation of statistical measure; subband; scene change detector

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