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Copper modified bow-tie antenna on FR4 substrate

Effect of copper and graphene material on bow-tie structured antenna for 1.2 GHz application

Ram M. E. Prasanna, N. M. Masoodhu Banu


In this paper the effect of copper and graphene conductive ink material on antenna performance is compared. The patch structures are simulated using HFSS software. The designed antenna is resonating around 1.2 GHz giving reflection coefficient below –10 dB. The simulated and fabricated modified bow-tie antenna design have impedance bandwidth of 15 (simulated), 12 (copper), and 13.5 MHz (graphene), respectively, which are suitable for LTE (QUALCOMM), WiMAX, Wi-Fi applications. This modified design consists of various types of slots introduced at various places of bow-tie arm in order to get desired bandwidth and for the improvement in antenna performance parameters. This proposed antenna will work in UHF (Ultra High Frequency) band at 1.2 GHz. Compare to conventional bow-tie antenna this modified design will give better antenna performance parameters. In this work we have compared various performance parameters like return loss, VSWR and bandwidth for each design. These parameters have been validated for proposed model for resonating frequency.


bow-tie; modified bow-tie antenna; microstrip patch; UHF; ultra high frequency band; slot; bandwidth

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