Simulation of Raman amplifier using TrueWave RS active fiber with uniform bandwidth in C+L telecommunication windows




optical amplification, forced Raman scattering, FRS, fiber Raman amplifier, Raman gain profile, stimulated Raman scattering, SRS, Gaussian decomposition, fiber amplifier simulation, multiwave pumping


The paper presents the simulation results of a broadband fiber Raman amplifier with uniform gain band covering C+L telecommunication windows in the standard TrueWave RS fiber. Main advantages of the fiber amplifier with active medium based on the single-mode TrueWave RS type fiber were analyzed by comparing this amplifier with the erbium doped fiber amplifier. A simplified model for the analytical description of the ultrawideband fiber Raman amplifier with multiwave pumping has been proposed. In this study, the problem of simulating the uniform bandwidth of working frequencies of fiber Raman amplifier in (C+L)-band telecommunication windows is solved in two stages: first, we obtain an almost exact analytical approximation of the Raman gain profile in the frequency region of Stokes shift above 20 THz that at the second stage significantly simplifies the gain band equalization in configuration with multiple pumping wavelengths. It has been shown that the gain ripple can be dramatically reduced from more than 3 to 0.2 dB by increasing the number of pumping sources M from M = 2 to M = 6, however, further increase of M has almost no effect on the improvement of gain band irregularity.


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Attenuation in typical telecommunication windows using standard SMF and TrueWave RS





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