Patch antennas based on micro QR codes




amplitude-frequency response, Ansys HFSS, metamaterial, Micro QR, patch antenna, power supply, Return Loss, VSWR


The article proposes a new type of broadband patch antennas based on micro QR codes with integrated metamaterial cell as a marker. In this research, several design options were considered that used the variation of the metamaterial cell parameters. For their analysis, the numerical modeling methods of the Ansys EM Suite program were used due to the complexity of describing the interaction of antennas of non-Euclidean geometry with radio waves. Evaluation and comparison of proposed antennas was conducted by the following characteristics: amplitude-frequency response and voltage standing wave ratio. To expand the frequency band of the synthesized antenna has been implemented the split square marker is an element of micro QR. This approach enables the expansion of the relative bandwidth of the corresponding printed antenna to the value of 1.7267 under the condition of the continuous transmission band having a width of 167.935 GHz within the range from 13.29 to 181.225 GHz. In this case, cutouts of the split square marker are located along the line coaxial with the power supply line, and the cutout for the outer “ring” is located below. To synthesize micro QR code, the word “antenna” was used.


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Design of patch antenna based on micro QR codes





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