Hybrid Spectrum Sensing Enhancement for Cognitive Radio in 6G Radio System


  • Nishant Gaur JECRC U, India
  • Nidhi Gour JECRC U, India
  • Himanshu Sharma




6G, Spectrum Sensing, Hybrid Algorithm, MF, Energy Detection


This article highlights the potential advantages of the proposed hybrid algorithm for 6G. The algorithm's adaptability addresses the dynamic spectral characteristics of 6G environments, enabling seamless transition between different spectral conditions. The hybrid approach holds promise for enhancing spectrum utilization, reducing interference, and optimizing overall communication system performance. As 6G technology evolves, the integration of Energy Detection and Cyclostationary Spectrum Sensing through the hybrid algorithm offers a glimpse into innovative techniques that can shape the future of wireless communication, unlocking the potential for enhanced connectivity, efficiency, and user experience. Several parameters such as Probability of detection (Pd), Probability of false alarm (pfa), Biter error rate (BER) and Power spectral density (PSD) are compared and analysed with the conventional spectrum sensing algorithms. It is seen that the proposed hybrid algorithms obtained a substantial detection performance at the low Signal to noise ratio (SNR).


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Special Issue 2023 - 6G System Technologies