Ultrawideband planar double-sided metallized tapered slot antenna with modified topology





This article presents results of electromagnetic (EM) simulation and experimental research of an original tapered slot antenna with modified topology and double-sided metallization. A comparison of this antenna with classical and antipodal topology is performed. Advantages and disadvantages of each of them are described. It is shown that due to the mirror symmetry planes in E- and H-planes, the proposed antenna has the highest crosspolar isolation and demonstrates electrodynamic characteristics acceptable for practice in the frequency range 0.5–6.6 GHz. Transition from an asymmetric 50-Ω coaxial line to a symmetric 100-Ω slotted line is made with the help of a balun placed in the same plane as the antenna. The latter simplifies the manufacturing process and radically reduces the longitudinal dimensions of the antenna. The research results indicate on potential application possibilities of the developed tapered slot antenna in various areas of wireless technologies.


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Model of Antenna-3 with balun on one substrate





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