Wideband circularly polarized P-shaped monopole antenna for C-band application





circular polarization, CP, impedance bandwidth, C-band


A wideband circularly-polarized (CP) monopole antenna is implemented. It comprises of the single P-shaped radiator fed by the L-shaped microstrip transmission line with edged ground plane on the reverse side of the square substrate. The optimization of the radiator and feed gap parameters helps in enhancing impedance bandwidth (IBW) and axial ratio bandwidth (ARBW). The measured IBW is of 5.65 GHz (3.9–9.55 GHz, 84.01%, center resonating frequency frc = 6.725 GHz) and the simulated IBW is of 5.73 GHz (3.8–9.53 GHz, 85.97%, frc = 6.6 GHz), respectively. The corresponding simulated ARBW is of 1.47 GHz (6.62–8.09 GHz, 19.99%, CP resonating frequency fCP = 7.35 GHz) inside measured and simulated IBW curves. The peak gain is maximum at the frequency of 7.76 GHz, and it is equal to 5.01 dBi. Simulated results using Ansys Electronics Desktop 2020R1 match well with measurements. The optimized dimension of the proposed compact antenna is of 20×20×1.6 mm3, with 57.49% reduction in size. It can be suitable for the applications in C-band wireless communication.

Author Biographies

Reshmi Dhara, National Institute of Technology Sikkim

Assistant Professor, Dept of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Taraknath Kundu, National Institute of Technology Sikkim, Ravangla

Head, Department of Chemistry


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