Natural optimization algorithms in synthesis problems of built-in antennas of IoT devices (review)




IoT, natural optimization algorithm, genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization algorithm, firefly algorithm, annealing algorithm


This paper provides an overview of using natural algorithms of optimization for the synthesis of IoT built-in antennas that operate in frequency bands of data transmission protocols, such as GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS, LTE2300, GSM + EGSM, Bluetooth, UNII-1 (5150–5250 MHz), UNII-2 (5250–5350 MHz), UNII-2 extended (5470–5725 MHz) and UNII-3 (5725–5825 MHz), WLAN 2.4–2.48 GHz, WiMAX 3.2–3.6 GHz, and WLAN 3.6 GHz. This review deals with the analysis of successful strategies of antenna synthesis for devices with built-in antennas. Such strategies include the principle of antenna geometry design, adjustment of optimization algorithms and building of goal function. The synthesis of IoT built-in antennas involves the use of genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization algorithm, firefly algorithm and the simulated annealing algorithm.


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