Antenna array calibration algorithm without access to channel signals




array calibration, signal source tracking, phase perturbation, power measurements


This paper describes the algorithm of antenna array (AA) calibration, which estimates and compensates phase lags, caused by non-identical electrical characteristics of array channels. The algorithm does not require the access to the channel signals or the channels disabling. It uses only the array output power measurements under the specific channel phase perturbations. The algorithm accuracy equals the phase shifter quantization step, i.e. it is twice less than phase shifter accuracy itself and does not depend on the number of array channels. The algorithm accuracy is compared with two similar calibration algorithms, known from publications. The compared algorithms accuracy depends on the number of array channels and is much less than the proposed algorithm. Thus, the new algorithm can be widely used for the efficient AA calibration, signal source angular position estimation and tracking by a calibrated or a non-calibrated AA with any aperture shape: linear, flat or conformal, with an arbitrary distance between neighbor AA elements and with an arbitrary antenna selected as a reference one.


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