Vol 58, No 9 (2015)

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Table of Contents

Improvement of accuracy of meteorological objects velocity unambiguous measurement in Doppler weather radars with staggered pulse repetition times PDF
David I. Lekhovytskiy, Dmytro V. Atamanskiy, Dmytro S. Rachkov, Andrii V. Semeniaka 385-403
Hyperchaotic spread spectrum sequences selection and its application in DS-CDMA system PDF
Shuying Li, Huan Lian, Yaqin Zhao, Zhilu Wu 404-410
Frequency multiplication of terahertz radiation in the crystals of strontium titanate paraelectric PDF
Alvaro Zamudio-Lara, Svetlana V. Koshevaya, Volodymyr V. Grimalsky, Fabiola Yañez-Cortes 411-416
Invariant of group of random samples mappings in the sample space with lattice properties PDF
Andrey A. Popov 417-425
Speeding up the Tikhonov regularization iterative procedure in solving the inverse problem of electrical impedance tomography PDF
Irina A. Sushko, A. I. Rybin 426-433