Vol 56, No 12 (2013)

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Table of Contents

Ferrite-dielectric resonators made of uniaxial ferrites in before-the-resonance region PDF
Nikolay N. Movchan, Igor V. Zavislyak 553-559
Optimization of signal-code constructions using the maximum efficiency criterion PDF
Ivan V. Horbatyi 560-567
Implementation of OFDM modulation by using real arithmetic PDF
Aleksandr B. Kokhanov, Victor V. Zakharov 568-577
Power amplifier bandwidth expansion via dual fulfillment of class E conditions PDF
Vladimir G. Krizhanovski 578-587
Method of estimation of appear direction of unknown shape signals PDF
Oleg N. Galchonkov 588-591
Estimating of current rise time of glow discharge in triode electrode system in case of control pulsing PDF
Igor V. Melnyk 592-599