Vol 56, No 1 (2013)

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Table of Contents

Analysis of dielectric loaded hybrid mode coaxial horns PDF
Yuriy A. Ovsianyk, Fedor F. Dubrovka, Rostyslav F. Dubrovka 1-19
Quazi-likelihood estimation of motion parameters during the target probing with a sequence of optical pulses PDF
Andrey P. Trifonov, Marina B. Bespalova, A. V. Kurbatov 20-28
Research on carrier frequency offset estimation algorithm based on PN sequence preamble in OFDM system PDF
Qingfeng Jing, Weizhi Zhong, Yuping Lu, Xiaoju Yan 29-35
Constructive method for synthesis of complete classes of multilevel de Bruijn sequences PDF
Michael I. Mazurkov, Artem V. Sokolov 36-41
Structureless modeling of power amplifiers accounting for inertial properties PDF
L. I. Averina, V. D. Shutov, R. A. Rybalkin 42-47
Distribution of absolute maximum of Gaussian Markov’s stationery process PDF
D. V. Yevgrafov 48-54


Erratum: “Algorithm for Multiplying Two Octonions” [Radioelectronics and Communications Systems 55 (10), 464 (2012)] PDF