Vol 54, No 9 (2011)

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Table of Contents

Spectral efficiency analysis of digital signals for 3.1–10.6 GHz ultra-wideband radio systems PDF
Fedor F. Dubrovka, V. A. Tretiakov 465-471
A new approach to analytical calculation of microstrip directional couplers with full structure symmetry PDF
Ivan N. Prudyus, Valeriy I. Oborzhytskyy 472-480
Class of minimax error-corecting codes based on perfect binary arrays PDF
Michael I. Mazurkov 481-498
Statistical instability of physical processes PDF
I. I. Gorban 499-509
Estimation of efficiency and noise-immunity of radio communication system on a basis of linguistic diagnosis PDF
V. K. Marigodov 510-516
Azimuth model of sea vessel radar image that accounts for its geometrical dimensions PDF
O. I. Kravchenko 517-519