Vol 53, No 4 (2010)

90th anniversary of professor Ya. S. Shifrin

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Special issue

Table of Contents

Peculiarities of using space-time multi-frequency signals for fast electronic scanning in radars with active phased antenna array PDF
Yu. N. Sedyshev, P. Yu. Sedyshev, V. A. Tyutyunnik, A. F. Shevchenko 173-184
Influence of random phase errors on polarization characteristics of antenna array PDF
L. G. Kornienko 185-194
Investigation of the amplitude and phase fluctuations of electromagnetic wave caused by atmospheric turbulence PDF
Yu. B. Gimpilevich, I. B. Shirokov 195-202
Aggregating descriptive regularization and Bayesian nonparametric spectral estimation approaches for enhanced radar imaging PDF
Yu. V. Shkvarko 203-207
Isolation between channels into multiple-beam mirror antenna in spherical wave receiving mode PDF
O. A. Yurtsev, N. M. Naumovich, S. A. Chekan, M. M. Dghali 208-212
Simulation of scattering characteristics of aerial resonant-size objects in the VHF band PDF
Oleg I. Sukharevsky, Gennady S. Zalevsky, Sergey V. Nechitaylo, I. O. Sukharevsky 213-218
Scanning synthetic radiation pattern antennas PDF
Konstantin A. Lukin 219-224