Vol 52, No 10 (2009)

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Table of Contents

Symmetric electromagnetic field of a circular loop antenna over the conductive cone of finite length PDF
O. B. Trishchuk, D. B. Kuryliak 513-521
Distribution of time intervals determining the first instant when a stationary process reaches the set level PDF
D. V. Yevgrafov 522-529
Analysis of the control vector structure in analog networks design PDF
A. M. Zemliak 530-536
Scattering characteristics of non-linear loaded two-sided corner reflector PDF
T. A. Suanov, B. M. Petrov 537-544
Measurement of efficient thickness of transition layer, stimulated by microwave radiation, in contacts Mo-GaAs PDF
A. B. Kamalov 545-548
Signal volume and requirements to analog-to-digit conversion PDF
I. P. Knyshev 549-552
Characteristics of radio frequency paths of on-board aviation navigation-landing equipment PDF
V. I. Kondrashov, V. Yu. Forostyan, A. A. Osipchuk 553-560
Phase derivative distribution of signal and Gaussian noise sum PDF
V. I. An 561-564
Design and analysis of microstrip photonic band gap filter without etching ground plane PDF
R. N. Baral, P. K. Singhal 565-568
Calculation of U-shaped absorbing elements of chip-attenuators for surface mounting PDF
V. D. Sadkov, D. J. Yakimov 569-571