Vol 52, No 2 (2009)

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Table of Contents

Identification and analysis of interference effects of GSM base stations PDF
V. B. Manelis, I. V. Kaioukov, A. V. Novikov 55-62
Electric field density in the region with circular multiply connected border and equal lengths of bounding arcs PDF
Yu. F. Zin'kovskii, Yu. K. Sidoruk, A. V. Goloshchapov 63-69
Accuracy of joint measurement of time and direction of arrival of radio signal against the background of narrow-band influence and noise PDF
A. M. Fesun, L. Sh. Goloskokova 70-74
Complete class of perfect binary arrays for 144 elements PDF
V. Ya. Chechelnytskyi 75-79
Signal delay characteristics of the measuring repeater unit operating in the Fresnel zone PDF
A. F. Velychko, D. A. Velychko, S. A. Velychko 80-88
Recovery of binary message, masked with derivative of Mackey-Glass chaotic process PDF
Pavlo Yu. Kostenko, A. N. Barsukov, A. V. Antonov, S. I. Sivaschenko 89-92
Measure of frequency dependences of Doppler frequency shift and spread time of each ionospheric mode with help of continuous LFM signal PDF
Alexey A. Kolchev, V. V. Shumaev 93-98
Digital linear filters with finite pulse response. Brief collected results PDF
V. G. Alekseev 99-102
Acoustic-optical time-dividing channeling system PDF
A. M. Pashaev, A. R. Gasanov, V. Z. Sultanov, E. S. Nakhmedov, K. F. Abduragimov 103-105
Rejector and coupling filters in planar realization PDF
V. V. Danilov, S. L. Skripka, A. Yu. Nechiporuk 106-108
Acoustic-optical matched filter for LFM signals PDF
A. R. Gasanov, V. Z. Sultanov, M. A. Gurbanov 109-112