Vol 51, No 12 (2008)

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Table of Contents

Radiation of an electric dipole located inside the U-shaped reflector with finite dimensions PDF
N. P. Yeliseyeva, Nikolay N. Gorobets 631-641
Noise immunity enhancement of BLN system PDF
E. F. Baburov, V. K. Marigodov 642-646
Influence of temperature on the characteristics of heterojunction bipolar transistor PDF
L. I. Averina, Anatoly M. Bobreshov, A. I. Kurashov 647-652
Radar determination of moving ground objects in the millimeter wavelength range PDF
A. V. Totskii, A. L. Teplyuk, V. E. Morozov, Grigoriy I. Khlopov, S. I. Khomenko 653-660
Synthesis of neural pulse interference filters for image restoration PDF
E. B. Solovyeva, S. A. Degtyarev 661-668
Generation of coherent low-noise microwave oscillations PDF
Bak Son Ri 669-674
Optimal profile of input contacts of the attenuator plate on the basis of distributed resistive structures PDF
V. D. Sadkov, V. N. Utkin 675-677