Vol 50, No 8 (2007)

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Table of Contents

Output effect of a quadrature receiver with an input band-pass filter at reception of a phase-keyed wideband signal PDF
G. S. Nakhmanson, G. A. Bakaeva 405-411
A variant of noise-immune coding systems coders and decoders identification PDF
V. L. Seletkov 412-421
A technique for enhancing the capacity of radio communication systems with noise-like signals PDF
V. D. Lukyanchikov, V. V. Liventsev 422-431
Signal reception characteristics estimation of radar with moving-target indication in case of turbulent atmosphere PDF
Alexey V. Kiselev, Maksim A. Stepanov 432-434
On the electron flow movement in the decelerated wave field with exponentially positive-going amplitude PDF
Yu. V. Kornienko, D. S. Masalov 435-439
Analysis of processes in the antenna-matching circuit with extended passband of a radio transmitting unit for ULF range PDF
V. A. Sorotsky 440-445
Lapunov’s functions usage in radio circuits’ theory PDF
V. V. Beloglazov, N. D. Biryuk 446-451
Quality parameters of radar adaptive threshold devices for not fluctuating signal PDF
F. M. Andreev, D. A. Grib, I. V. Taranchenko 452-457
Wideband feed system of a spherical mirror antenna PDF
V. V. Golovin, A. V. Troitsky, S. A. Vygolov 458-461
Optical reversible counter PDF
Sergey V. Sokolov, V. V. Kamenskij 462-464