Vol 50, No 6 (2007)

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Table of Contents

Steganographic data transmission robust against scaling attacks (resistant-to-scaling-attacks) and eliminating the hampering effect of signal-carrier PDF
A. V. Shishkin, V. M. Koshevoy 289-297
Multifunctional microelectronic wireless receivers PDF
Alexander S. Korotkov 298-307
Correction of phase-frequency characteristics of minimum-phase recursive digital low-pass filters PDF
I. I. Trifonov, Yu. V. Shelepenko, K. S. Skiba 308-314
Analysis, properties and potential performance capabilities of a parametric circuit. Resonance PDF
V. V. Beloglazov, Nikolay D. Biryuk, V. V. Yurgelas 315-323
Synthesis methods for full DF-signal classes with optimal ambiguity functions PDF
Michael I. Mazurkov 324-335
Parametric circuit as generalization of a usual oscillating circuit PDF
Nikolay D. Biryuk, Yu. B. Nechaev, E. V. Latysheva 336-342
Calculation of partially filled resonator’s parameters during permittivity measurement PDF
S. V. Bukharov 343-345