Vol 50, No 3 (2007)

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Table of Contents

Comparison of effectiveness of algorithms for processing of antenna array signals PDF
V. S. Rodionov 117-123
Detection of temperature anomalies arising from foreign bodies buried in the ground PDF
N. I. Pavlov, Ye. E. El'ts 124-130
Investigation of accuracy of reconstruction of radio images with the use of multichannel radar system PDF
V. K. Klochko 131-137
The impact of narrow-band interference on effectiveness of detection of a sequence of ultra-wideband signals with unknown repetition period PDF
P. A. Trifonov 138-146
An adaptive parallel algorithm for interference rejection PDF
P. A. Bakulev, V. I. Koshelev, A. V. Gumenyuk 147-150
Parametric optimization of multichannel rejection filters PDF
V. I. Koshelev, Wo Tuan Ang 151-155
Detection of determinate signals with a fixed false alarm probability in the case of autoregression model of interference with unknown parameters PDF
Victor S. Golikov, O. M. Lebedeva 156-160
The MIMO method for transmission of telecode information PDF
Vadym I. Slyusar, A. N. Dubik, S. V. Voloshko 161-167
Fluctuations of field intensity maximum in Fresnel zone of a round aperture in the presence of phase errors PDF
V. V. Dolzhikov, A. V. Serbin 168-175