Vol 48, No 12 (2005)

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Table of Contents

The input impedance of an arbitrarily oriented electric dipole located over a rectangular screen. Part 2 — the calculation results PDF
N. P. Yeliseyeva 1-4
A rectangular resonator with its characteristics controlled by magnetic field PDF
Dmitry A. Usanov, Sergey S. Gorbatov 5-9
Identification of the fuzzy model of an object with multiple structure PDF
A. V. Yeliseyev 10-18
Synthesis of algorithms for multialternative recognition of patterns set by complex standard descriptions, given a class of unknown objects PDF
G. V. Pevtsov, D. A. Kolisnichenko 19-22
Game-theoretic estimation of traffic capacity of systems with parallel preemphasis of signals PDF
V. K. Marigodov, Yu. V. Matveev 23-28
Algorithms for improving radar resolving capacity in the surface surveillance PDF
V. K. Klochko 29-32
The impact of turbulent atmosphere on detection characteristics of a radar system with MTI PDF
Alexey V. Kiselev, Maksim A. Stepanov 33-36
The time delay lines in the J-correlation method of direction finding PDF
A. G. Sorochan 37-38
Segmentation of TV images in the problem of objects’ coordinate determination PDF
Yu. V. Martyshevskii 39-44
A parallel linearly constrained fast RLS-algorithm based on inverse QR-decomposition without square root operations PDF
Victor I. Djigan 45-51
Contents of 2005 year PDF
Author index 2005 PDF