Vol 48, No 5 (2005)

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Table of Contents

Application of a nonlinear method of restoration in combination with sparse antenna arrays in radiometric imaging systems PDF
Ivan N. Prudyus, Ye. I. Klepfer, L. V. Laz’ko 1-7
Maximal frequency of reflection of a decameter wave from the spherically stratified ionosphere PDF
V. P. Pashintsev, M. E. Solchatov, A. Ye. Kondrashin, A. V. Senokosova 8-14
Theory and practice of measurements of antenna radiation characteristics in the near zone by the collimator method PDF
V. I. Dranovskii, V. V. Ovsyanikov, V. M. Popel’ 15-18
Investigation of dipole antenna arrays over a grid reflector PDF
V. V. Ovsyanikov, A. S. Avramenko, R. O. Sinitskii 19-24
Algorithmization of problems of excitation of wire structures with rotational symmetry PDF
V. P. Kudin 25-30
Decomposition of electromagnetic wave into orthogonally polarized components by an antenna system PDF
Ludvig Ya. Ilnitskiy, A. V. Fetsun 31-36
Electrodynamic properties of discrete surfaces. Part 2 — Symmetric multilayer discrete-plane surfaces PDF
T. A. Tsaliev 37-42
The phase relationships and a technique for diminishing measurement errors in multifrequency retransmitting systems PDF
A. F. Velychko, D. A. Velychko, I. V. Kurbatov 43-49
Joint probability densities of envelopes and phases in signal-noise mixture in the reception channel of a surveillance monopulse radar system PDF
A. V. Avlasyonok, S. A. Vashkevitch, S. N. Derkatch 50-53
A super-wideband antenna array for radio direction finding and radiolocation complexes PDF
V. B. Avdeyev, A. V. Ashikhmin, Yu. G. Pasternak 54-56
A ring-shaped bridge in partially filled rectangular waveguides PDF
V. N. Pochernyaev 57-60