Vol 47, No 9 (2004)

Military Radioelectronic Technologies

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Table of Contents

The generalized indeterminacy function of a space-surface bistatic radar system with transmitter synthetic aperture PDF
V. I. Kostylev, V. M. Petrov 1-7
Derivation of images in a radar system with synthetic aperture by zero manifolds of the two-dimensional spectrum of a trajectory signal PDF
Pavlo Yu. Kostenko, V. O. Khrapchinskii, D. V. Minyukov 8-14
Simultaneous optimal control of search and observation of conditionally determinate dynamic objects in a pulse multichannel measurement-and-search system PDF
A. A. Strotsev 15-19
A method of investigation of the linear dynamic range of reception channels in a digital antenna array PDF
Vadym I. Slyusar 20-25
The receiver for superlong-range pulse radar. Part 1 — High-frequency processing of sounding signals in the acquisition receiver PDF
A. G. Sorochan 26-31
Optimal estimation of coordinates of alternatively observed elements of a multiple target distributed in space PDF
I. V. Miloserdov, A. V. Ryabov 32-37
A Kalman algorithm for reconstruction of blurred radar images PDF
V. K. Klochko, Ye. P. Churakov, S. O. Fat’yanov 38-41
A method for simulation of echo-signals from land surface based on recurrent algorithms PDF
I. S. Tyryshkin 42-44
The masking of radar images of extensive objects by multiplicative retransmitted interference PDF
I. F. Kupryashkin, V. P. Likhachov 45-48
Simulation of spontaneous radiation by the transmitting channel with the aid of a CO2-laser PDF
A. Yu. Koziratskii 49-53
Nonlinear measurement of range to a radio radiation source by the method of deliberate cross modulation of its signals PDF
V. B. Avdeyev, S. N. Panychev 54-56
Feasibility conditions of a few-point statistical model of a complex radar target PDF
I. M. Kozlov 57-59